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Bill Yund



A late, "great and wasted friend of mine" would go into bars and assume the pose shown in this self portrait.

He wanted to see what responses he'd get. Some people puzzled, some laughed, and some left.

This site is sorta like that.

The annoyances that led to creation of this website were:

  • A. Power Corrupts.
  • B. Love of Money is the Root of Much Evil...and Stupidity.
  • C. Every Human Deserves a Fair Shot. Society owes it to them and to itself.

"B" is why some of the stuff here is downloadable for free.
Then again, living in poverty is no fun and educating your kids and paying honest bills is righteous, which is why some of this stuff is not free.

Biography: I'm a former asbestos worker, and the editor of an award-winning newsletter for Asbestos Workers and Insulators Local 2, based in western Pa.

In 2007, I was honored with a fine award from the Pennsylvania Labor History Society. I've been in some good shows. I'm lucky.

Enough Bio. You'll either like the stuff ...or not.

Thanks very much for looking.

Bill Yund


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